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Electronic identification application ConsentID parameteres delivery

Starting from 01.02.2023. The Embassy of RS Oslo will issue parameters for electronic identification when using the ConsentID application.

The ConsentID application provides secure confirmation of the user’s identity through the electronic identification portal, i.e. to log on the eGovernment portal. Users accessing this way the eGovernment portal have the opportunity to use all electronic services provided by the portal. The ConsentID application can be downloaded from the Google Play Internet Store.

Parameters are issued to citizens of R. of Serbia who have a valid identification document (passport or identity card). Parameters can be issued to a foreign citizens, if they have a temporary residence or permanent residence in R. Serbia, that is, they have a  foreigner's registration number (EBS) issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of R. Serbia.

If the party does not have an account on the eGovernment portal, it is necessary to register the user before issuing the parameters. That could be done on the basis of JMBG having an identification document and can be done at the Embassy, before issuing parameters for ConsentID.

In order to issue the parameters and QR code, personal presence is mandatory. The date and time of appointment at the Embassy can be scheduled online through the application for scheduling consular services. HERE

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Electronic identification application ConsentID parameteres delivery
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